Examination Registration


Examination registration

Registration for examinations is a two-step procedure.
First, you need to register for examinations via RWTHonline. Manuals for students can be found in the RWTH Wiki.
Second, you need to register online in our faculty‘s database for exam registration. https://incoming.fb6.rwth-aachen.de/
As a first step, please create a user account and log in. Once you have done so, please create a record sheet on which you list your personal details and choose your exams.
To register for exams offered by our faculty, please click on „New Internal Module“. This will lead you to a drop-down box where you can select from a list of offered exams. If you do not find an examination offered by our faculty in the list of examinations, please contact the Student Exchange/ ERASMUS Office.
Please list the RWTH language courses in the section „New Language Course“. In the section „Thesis/Projects“ please list your Bachelor or Master thesis in case you are writing one.
To register for exams offered by the faculties listed in the following table, you need to create a user account on their databases as well (links provided in the table).


Link of database for exam registration

Business and Economics https://incomings.wiwi.rwth-aachen.de/
Mechanical Engineering https://incomings.fb4.rwth-aachen.de/
Civil Engineering https://incomings.fb3.rwth-aachen.de/
Other Faculties use the FB6-database + „External Module“

The deadline for registration is November 15th for a winter semester and May 15th for a summer semester.

You can still make changes to your exam selection until the above-mentioned deadlines.

Deregistration of Examinations

You can deregister from an exam until three workdays prior to the scheduled exam date. Students wishing to deregister from an exam need to
1. deregister via RWTHonline.
2. notify the faculty‘s Student Exchange/ ERASMUS Office via .
3.notify the exchange coordinators of other faculties in case of other modules.Laboratories, Projects (4 ECTS), Seminars

Registration of Laboratories, Projects and Seminars

In addition to registering at the institute, you need to register for laboratories, 4 ECTS credit projects and seminars on the faculty‘s database for exam registration. https://incoming.fb6.rwth-aachen.de/

Transcript of records

At the end of your studies at RWTH Aachen University, you can obtain a transcript of records. Please request this transcript via e-mail of the Student Exchange/ ERASMUS Office (). Only then your transcript will be issued. Notice that depending on the examination date, results might not be reported to the Student Exchange/ ERASMUS Office until the start of the next semester (October and April, respectively). If you need your grades reported urgently for your home institution, please inform us as early as possible.