Internationales Patentrecht

Structure of the lecture:

  • History of the patent law
  • Substantive patent criteria: novelty, inventive step, etc.
  • Selection of suitable inventions under legally, technically, and economically aspects for patenting procedures by using the European patent grant procedure exemplary.
  • Reasons for revocation in the case of European patents (missing patentability, insufficient disclosure, inadmissible extension, unlawful withdrawal)
  • Opposition proceedings to the European Patent Office
  • Actions for annulment
  • Strategies for the enforcement of intellectual property rights with introduction to infringement proceedings

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Seminar zum Praxissemester 

The presentation skills in professional and scientific context will be trained.

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Elektronik AG

The „Elektronik AG“ gives students the opportunity to realize their own electrical projects. It is possible to design new PCB layouts or build up already existing projects. It does not matter if you are a beginner or an expert. This course is supervised by two experienced students.

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Ringvorlesung Elektromobilität

The lecture “Ringvorlesung Elektromobilität” consist of weekly presentations by guests from different Institutes and companies. They will shed light on aspects of e-mobility from their academic or their company’s perspective. This way interested students can join and get into dialogue with the guests and lecturers.

There is no need to register for this lecture as there are no credits to be earned. The language of these presentations is german but many slides will be english.

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