Laboratory and workshop for battery systems design

  Employee working in the eLab ISEA

The NRW central laboratory for the development and integration of components and concepts of battery systems is part of the elab at RWTH Aachen University. It offers highly modern equipment to develop battery systems from the first idea up to the tested prototype.


The equipment consists of:

  • Laser cutting and welding machine
  • Rapid prototyping 3d printer for plastics and metal
  • Vacuum casting machine
  • Test benches for the mechanical and electro-thermal validation of battery prototypes
  • Closed development compartments for confidential customer projects

With the aid of this and further equipment innovative battery systems can be developed starting with concepts and the connection of cells, the construction and testing of cooling systems to the mechanical integration of cells into modules and packs.

The laboratory and machinery is funded by the federal state of North Rhine Westfalia and can be used by small and medium enterprises according to the usage fees [Link]. We are happy to assist you in realizing your research and development projects with our team of expert engineers. Do not hesitate to contact us with your idea.